Rufus Guinchard-Newfoundland Fiddler

Rufus Guinchard (1899-1990) spent his first 47 years in Daniel’s Harbour, on Newfoundland’s Northern Peninsula, moving from there to Port Saunders and later to Hawkes Bay where he remained until the age of 91. When not occupied as a fisherman, logger, trapper, carpenter or river warden, Rufus was busy playing the fiddle for dances along the coast from Sally’s Cove to Flower’s Cove. He learned and retained many of the old tunes played in these communities and continued to play them through a time when local folk music was less popular than today. In the mid 1970’s, Rufus was “discovered” by folklorists and invited to perform at Memorial University and The Arts & Culture Centre in St. John’s. With musicians like The Breakwater Boys, Jim Payne and Kelly Russell, Rufus Guinchard began travelling the world, bringing his unique style of fiddling to audiences in Japan, Australia, France, England, Ireland, USA and all across Canada. He appeared on countless radio and TV shows and received numerous awards including The Order of Canada. He has left behind a great legacy of unique and indigenous Newfoundland music which continues to be played by many younger musicians today. Pigeon Inlet Productions has released recordings of Rufus Guinchard on CD with musical notations of his tunes by Kelly Russell.

Notation to all Rufus Guinchard tunes may be found in the book
Kelly Russell's Collection - The Fiddle Music of Newfoundland & Labrador.
Here is notation for two traditional tunes from the repertoire of Rufus Guinchard

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